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Welcome to Quarter Deck Athletics, home of CrossFit QDA – the only gym in downtown Buffalo, N.Y., offering CrossFit, chiropractic, and nutrition services for all ages and abilities. Your first step is to set up a FREE introductory session or contact us to learn more.

18767682_918318900875_1938561290078105281_n“I have evolved physically since walking into QDA, but I think my emotional and mental evolution has far surpassed the physical gains. Each and every day I walk out of the gym, I have a smile on my face.”

Mike, 35

28070787_10100746254921414_261486897212868928_o“I can do things I never thought I could before. Dennis not only pushes you and provides tough love. He has built a place where people work hard and support each other. I only wish I had started sooner!”

Liz, 33

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June 4, 2020

We are still making donations for our George Floyd workout, all you have to do is do the workout and tag us in a post. Warm up20 minutes ofSLIPS practice Video descriptions Then Emotm 10Even 30 seconds inversionOdd 30 seconds plank Then WODRun 500m21 thruster42 double unders15 thruster30 double unders9 thruster18 double undersRun 500m Cap … Continue reading June 4, 2020

June 3, 2020

Black lives matter, too. Supporting racial justice does not mean you wish harm on other lives. It doesn’t make you anti-police, anti-white, right or left. Tomorrow, we will do what we do best: a workout. It is our small way of showing unity and support for our black family members, friends, and colleagues. It won’t … Continue reading June 3, 2020

June 2, 2020

Warm up5 rds5 swimmers10 moose antlers each side10 deck squats5 lunge and reach each side StrengthEmotm 15Bent over rowsGood morningFloor press 40 seconds of work on each movement20 seconds rest/transition WODAmrap 75 single arm push press L5 single arm SDHP L5 single arm push press R5 single arm SDHP R

June 1, 2020

Warm up5 minute full body flow 5 minute hero pose 10 minute squat test Strength Sign up for circle time tomorrow and get in a burner!!! WorkoutEvery 6 minutes for 30 minutes12 burpees24 squatsrun Rx 500mL1 400mL2 300m Do not add a vest. Go faster!

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