Break the band

Many people choose to chase someone. In life, work, workouts, any competitive setting. It will probably happen this weekend for me.

There is someone in front you try to keep up with, play cat and mouse. They might not even know it.

Then there is this moment in this endless rubber band where something gives, the band snaps.

The person in the lead pulls away. They create more and more distance until the person in the proverbial dust no longer feels that catching them is achievable.

They are no longer seen as competition. The goal then shifts to don’t let the person behind pass me.

It is a shift from win, to don’t lose.

There is good and bad with this. One, you are horribly limiting yourself to those in your immediate vicinity. You are allowing your self finite improvement based solely on those in your presence. Be your best, not just the best there and yes there is a big difference.

Amrap 40

Walking lunge to garage


Run remainder of your lap


50 push-ups

50 squats

50 wall balls

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