Priscus and Verus

These two might have won a number of fights as competent gladiators in their careers, but they are mostly known for their legendary final battle in which they faced off against each other. Priscus and Verus fought this epic battle in the first century AD in the famous Flavian Amphitheater. As it happened, their ultimate battle was also the first big spectacle in the Flavian arena, a spectacle that was documented in detail by the poet Martial. After fighting for hours in a nail-biting contest, the two warriors submitted to each other at the same time. In respect for each other’s skill and mettle, they put down their swords and were met with roaring appreciation from the crowd. The organizer of the event, Emperor Titus, was also moved by the way the battle had concluded. He awarded the pair with the “rudis,” a small wooden sword that granted freedom to gladiators upon their retirement.

Amrap 46

With a partner

25 Toes through rings

20 Jammer press

50 Row cals

1 Wall hop

600m carry

1 wall hop

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