Will you be my valentine….

20 Medball clean

1 🐺 complex

20 Wallball

1 🐺 complex

20 Russian twist

1 🐺 complex

20 Step over

1 🐺 complex

20 Ball slam

1 🐺 complex


Valentine’s Day has a multi part origin. It was originally a Pagan festival celebrated in mid February that was called Lupercalia, it was a celebration of fertility and it also celebrated the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus who were partly raised by a she wolf. People would kill a wolf and use its blood and hide to get the blood on other people in a celebration of fertility.

The Catholic Church could not allow another pagan holiday to go unchecked and decided to create Valentine’s Day around the same time very similar to Christmas and all saints day.

We aren’t sure which Valentinus is the actual one for the day but there were two different ones that were both beheaded by emperor Claudius II. One was illegally marrying Roman soldiers and the other a nearby bishop.

So today we will keep our heads about us and pay homage to the wolf…

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