The 🔱

The trident is an immensely powerful symbol in Greek and Roman mythology used by Poseidon and Neptune respectively.

It is also important in both Hindu and Taoist religions.

In the Hindu religion it represents the three qualities or gunas. They are sattva, rajas, and tamas. These are thing all of us have but they exist in different proportions in each of us!

In Taoism it is representative of the three pure ones, manifestations of primordial celestial energy.

Today we have a three pronged attack…

CrossFit does not reward the specialist, todays workout will tax all abilities of our athletes. Hitting all ten aspects of fitness in one workout.


Amrap 35



6 shots

-2 tennis ball throws (one each hand)

-2 shots with long gun

-2 shots with short gun


10 deadlifts

10 calories

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