Sunday Skills with Steph!


(need: PVC or similar household item)
3 rounds
⁃ PVC/Broom/Swiffer shoulder opener x 5 reps
⁃ PVC/Broom/Swiffer Prone lift off 3 reps x 3 seconds
⁃ 10 Perfect Plank Position – Shoulder Tap to Knee Tap
⁃ 10 sky reaches each arm

Skill Work
(need: box or stairs, mat or folded towel for head, mat to lay on, DB/KB)
3 rounds
⁃ 20 reps: Perfect Tuck Ups (beginner), Perfect V-ups, Perfect V-ups with PVC (advanced)
⁃ 5-7 reps: Floor HSPU/Floor HSPU negative (beginner), knees on box/stairs HSPU, feet on box/stairs HSPU (advanced)
⁃ 10 reps each arm: DB/KB Strict press – slower eccentric (down).

(need: jump rope or tall target to jump to, optional DB/KB)
14 min AMRAP

30 DU / 30 SU / 30 hops to target
⁃ hops target 6-12” higher than arm
20 Front Rack Drop Step Lunges
⁃ you can add a DB or KB
10 Broad Jump to 5 Reverse Bear Crawl

Video challenge

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