Sunday Skills!

Warm up

1/2 Tabata – Hollow Hold
1/2 Tabata – Arch Position (formerly known as Superman)

Skill work
Let’s keep building our body control and core strength! One last week of T2B work!

3 rounds:

V-lowers (with Dumbbell)
⁃ 20 reps
⁃ Start in Deadbug position, laying on the ground
⁃ Hold DB directly over eyes, arms locked out (they will never move!)
⁃ Raise and lower legs from the ground to the DB (try to touch shoelace)
⁃ Keep legs straight throughout!
⁃ Heels gently touch the ground or hover 1-inch off the ground

Tucked Deck Squat
⁃ 20 reps
⁃ Remain in tucked position throughout! Do not let the legs come away from the body as they roll back!
⁃ Goal: Knees and ankles stay together!
⁃ Roll back onto mat 1 vertebrae at a time, can use speed and momentum but remain tight (if it ain’t tight, it ain’t right!)
⁃ Use mats as needed to maintain above positions, or use hands on the back of your legs to get up!

10 minutes
Format: EMOTM

Even (0,2,4,6,8)
⁃ use a single DB (either hold with both hands or alternate arms each round)
⁃ If no weight – no problem – use a broomstick, gallon jug, etc

Odd (1,3,5,7,9)
Shoulder Tap-Shoulder Tap-Push Up

Goal: Stay consistent with reps with each consecutive round – or get better!

Score: Total Reps combined!

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