Warm up
4 rounds
3 walk outs
3 wall walks
20 total cossack squats
20 total reverse lunges with overhead reach

GOAT work:

Pistol progressions! We are continuing the focus on developing balance and coordination. When developing coordination, REPETITION is key!

Remember to work on maintaining tension through the movement. We want to put GOOD REPS in the squat bank account!

Some progressions are the same as Friday, and some are new! WATCH THE VIDEO!

2 rounds of:
5 sumo squats
5 air squats
5 pedestal squats
5 toe touch curtsy squats

0:90 sec pistol hold on each leg, heel on ground
3:00 low squat, supported by wall

Every 4 minutes for 32 minutes

This is a two minute window of work followed by a mandatory two minute rest.

You complete the dips and situps as quickly as possible and with the remaining time in the 2 minute work window you perform as many push ups as possible.

Push up tips- see goat work video from a couple days back.

Elbows glued in, neck stays long, shoulders/hips/knees stay in a rigid neutral position, full range of motion.

If you can not perform full range of motion pushups on ground scale to a chair or table to maintain use of the full body while maintaining all the points from the above.

On the dips use a chair, remember keep your back close to the chair. Straight legs is the hardest, bend one or both legs as needed to perform the reps of the workout but keeping the standard the same through all rounds of the movement.

Sit ups are butterfly sit ups and both hands touch behind the head and in front of the feet.

Push ups

10 dips
30 situps
Max pushups

10 dips
25 situps
max pushups

8 dips
20 situps
max pushups

6 dips
15 situps
Max pushups

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: If I won the lottery, I would…

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