We cannot give a a strength day, a bro day if you will but instead we are giving you a recovery day.

This doesn’t mean go do something else because “it’s not hard enough”, I’ll tell you right now that’s crap.

It also doesn’t mean skip it.

They aren’t all things you like and they are all things you need.

Take the time, do it all, do the Goat work and get your mind right for our little snow storm coming up!

Goat work

1 round:
10 PVC shoulder openers
5 air squats
5 OH squats (just arms)
5 OH squat (with PVC)

Snatch landing:
1 rounds with hands on hips:
3 reps each
2” / 4” / 6” / full squat

1 round hands OH:
3 reps each
2” / 4” / 6” / full squat

2 rounds with PVC
3-5 reps each
2” / 4” / 6” / full squat

Remember there is no dip. Start standing tall then move feet into their squat stance (shoulder width) and drop the hips.

Goal is to keep the chest up and have the feet land in the same spot every time.

Be actively pushing up into the bar. Core is tight. Feet are loud when you land!!


5 minutes cat/cow


2:30 each side and direction


90/90 rotations
5 minutes


2 minutes of swimmers
1 minute moose antlers each side


3 minutes pec stretch each side


5 rds
3 wall walks
3 walk outs


3 rds
20 glute bridges (keep abs braced)
20 band pull aparts


5 minutes cobra stretch (keep hips on ground, prop up on forearms)

This all will take under an hour, get it in!!!

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: what is your biggest fear?

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