Warm up
3 rounds
5 scales (front and back each side)
10 oh db shrug each side
30 shoulder taps

Goat work

As you know, push-ups are the gateway to all support and pressing movements. We will be practicing “time under tension” at the bottom, and “let gravity improve the end range of motion (another wise piece of guidance from The Gymnastics Course!)

3 rounds of:
20 ft. High Hip Bear Crawl
20 ft. Reverse HH Bear Crawl
20 ft. Low to Ground Bear crawl
20 ft. Reverse LTG bear crawl
5 Lunge – to – Hand Placement
0:20 sec High Plank
0:15 sec Low Plank

Breakdown of the Lunge – this builds from last week!
You will always use the same leg to step forward!
⁃ Lunge (Arms overhead, imagine you’re an Olympic gymnast!)
⁃ Compromised Lunge (bend at the hips)
⁃ Airplane (balance on one leg, reach forward!)
⁃ Hand Placement (gentle but firm hand placement on the ground)
⁃ Foot off the ground!

Emotm 30
It’s definitely not gymNICEtics
Minute 1
10 hspu
Minute 2
14 pistols (total)
Minute 3
15 second L sit

Hspu scale
-feet on box/chair
-pike on ground
-knees on box
-seated db strict press
-push ups

Pistols scale
-shrimp squat
-single leg sit to stand
-single leg sit to double leg stand
-25 air squats

L-sit scale
-one leg straight/one leg bent
-both legs bents
-one foot on ground for support
-both feet on ground as light as possible

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: my five biggest fears are…

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