A lost Greek epic detailing the ten year battle of the Titans(old gods) against the Greek gods led by Zeus.

Especially now, some things we must remember. Most old ideas and thoughts are not changed. The people who hold them die off.

Some do change, they are the few.

What we are in the middle of is not close to being done.

We cannot hold off for it to just end. What if it truly is the new normal.

What if like in this myth, it is a 10 year battle.

The burden of today is not heavy. It is when we carry today with tomorrow and other days that getting through today becomes inconceivable.

Like today’s workout, it’s one thing at a time. Not all of it at once. Breathe and only carry today

2 rounds for time cap is 45

15 Strict press
15 Oh tricep extension
15 Floor press

150 double unders

2 rds
15 Bent over row
15 Below knee power clean
15 Arm only high pull

100 cals

2 rds
20 Front rack lunges
20 Back squat
20 Good mornings

50 burpee bar hops

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