I didn’t know Jay well. We were both at Canisius high school at the same time. I graduated in ‘00 he graduated in ‘03.

He lost his life less than a mile from the gym. A place I have run by literally over 100 times.

In our almost 7 years downtown we have always been close to a couple firehouses and see many of these people regularly.

It does feel that over the past few years Buffalo has been victim of tragedy after tragedy. I wish it was unique but it is not.

The important thing, the thing to takeaway from these terrible things is that life is a precious gift. That we should not wait and wait until later in order to live.

We should be like Jay, striving to be better. To learn, to grow, to become more than we were.

He left a senior quote in the 2003 Canisius yearbook that seems almost prescient – “If I have learned one thing, it is to live life at every moment and live it well. Hardships and opportunities will present themselves, but if you don’t take a moment to recognize them for what they really are, that might be the worst hardship to endure.”



48 minutes

5 sandbag over bar

10 jammer press

15 box overs

Each round add 5 reps to each movement

Rd 2 -10/15/20

Rd 3-15/20/25

Rd 4-20/25/30

Rd 5 -25/30/35

Rd 6 -30/35/40

Can be solo, duo, trio, reps don’t change…

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