Warm up
Run 5 miles

100,000# of back squats from the ground.

10x Chad

1000 steps ups for time
With a pack

You will perform 10 rounds of this workout

There is no time cap!

Video challenge

Oh you’re still here?

April Fool’s

Alright, this is the real deal….

Warm up
4 rds
10 perfect squats
⁃ consider this circle time
10 moose antlers each side
5 cat cows
10 dead bugs
10 deck squats

It is 1000 step ups
With a pack or vest if you can.

Ideally Rx is 45# 20”

There is no time cap
But be smart

This will take over 40 minutes if you average 20 step ups every minute

Suggested scaling options

No weight
Decrease height to something you can keep moving on
Decrease reps to 750 or 500
Do all of the above

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