Video challenge

On February 23, 2020, an unarmed black man named Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed while going for a run in his Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood. This week, after cellphone video that appeared to show the killing surfaced online, a national outcry for justice began to swell. Supporters are now planning a run dedicated to Arbery on Friday — what would have been his 26th birthday.

The #IRunwithAhmaud hashtag began trending on Wednesday as more and more people shared their plans to run 2.23 miles in Arbery’s honor. The distance signifies the date he was killed, February 23. 


2.23 miles run/row/bike
5 rounds
8 pull ups
20 lunges
2.23 miles run/row/bike

Wear a vest is you are training for an endurance event (15+miles/2+ hours)

Scale pull ups to ring rows/towel rows/table rows/one arm rows/bent over rows

There is no cap…

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