Hey guys, what a year this far right? If you are reading this I am thankful for you. I am thankful for your support our community. Even if your a lurker, your website views are supporting me and I thank you.

I am of the belief that every moment until now is what led me to be who I am. Good and bad.

Pretty sure no one hoped 2020 turned out how they wanted. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

We have gotten a tremendous amount of experience.

I want you to look back at the past 8-10 months of adversity and recognize the grit and character building you have gone through. The resilience you have built.

Please do not compare it to previous years, that is fair to no one. It is proof of your strength and fortitude.

I am proud of all of the members of our community and the amazing stuff they do on a regular basis and especially what they do when called upon to act.

You make what I do more fun, exciting, and worthwhile.

So today,

Mental fitness: relax
GOAT work: express your gratitude to those who are important in your life

We have a couple options.

Back when I was an intern in chiropractic school we would have to be at the clinic for 8-10 hours a day.

Instead of doing an every minute on the minute and getting too sweaty in a shirt and tie e would do an every hour on the hour.

Our first option is that every hour you are awake you perform the following until bed.

If you miss an hour or take a nap, make it up at the next possible hour.

Every hour on the hour perform
20 squats
20 sit-ups
20 good mornings(db on shoulders behind back)

If this sounds gross to you I have another option

Amrap 30
The pre face stuffing burner
3 rounds
Run 300m
15 good mornings
2 rounds
Run 400m
25 squats
1 round
Run 600m
40 sit-ups

Still not feeling the gobble gobble???

I got one more…

For time
8 minute clock
Run 1 mile
Amrap sit-ups
10 minute clock
Amrap good morning
12 minutes clock
Amrap air squats

Add a vest if your feeling saucy (remove for sit-ups!)

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