The feather of Maat

The symbolic ritual that accompanied this ritual was the weighing of the heart of the deceased on a pair of enormous scales. It was weighed against the principle of truth and justice ( known as maat ) represented by a feather, the symbol of the goddess of truth, order and justice, Maat. If the heart balanced against the feather then the deceased would be granted a place in the Fields of Hetep and Iaru. If it was heavy with the weight of wrongdoings, the balance would sink and the heart would be grabbed and devoured by a terrifying beast that sat ready and waiting by the scales. This beast was Ammit, “the gobbler”, a composite animal with the head of a crocodile, the front legs and body of lion or leopard, and the back legs of a hippopotamus.

Will you be heavy with doubt, misdeeds, and guilt or do you have the heart.

10 minute db warm up/choosing

Amrap 36 (goal is 3-4 rds)
20 db lunges (hold anyhow)
20 db hang cleans (total)
20 db one arm bench press (over bosu total)
20 db one arm rows
80 calories (bike/ski)

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