It appears as though we will be stuck home another day… here is a real burner to get you to Tuesday. If anything changes we will let you guys know.

Please stay safe. If you are safe, help those around you.

Warm up
3 rds
20 total shoulder taps
20 crab walk hip raises
5 wall walk
10 total lunge and reach

Homebound Monday mash up

Amrap 7
5 double push up burpee
10 lunges each leg
15 medball cleans (sub 2 light dbs or a gallon of liquid)

Rest 3

Amrap 7

5 burpee pike jump (sub tuck jump or alt knee raise)
10 Cossack squats total (sub 20 total half kneeling Cossack squats)
15 mb strict press (use weights from part 1)

Rest 3

Amrap 7

5 eight count body builders
10 pistols total (sub deck squats or jump squats)
15 dips off chair, box, bench

Post WOD
5 minutes feet up wall

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